Frequently Asked Questions - Contributions

How to send contributions for a missionary or ministry.

If you can’t find the answer to your specific question, please e-mail EFCA donor services or call 1-800-745-2202 and ask for Donor Services.

Questions regarding check processing

How can I be sure that my gift will be used wisely?

The EFCA is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), an organization that helps ensure compliance with seven "Standards of Responsible Stewardship." To find out more, visit the ECFA website.

Do I receive a receipt for my donation?

A receipt is sent each time a donation is made. Attached to that receipt is a return form and return envelope for your convenience in making another donation. Receipts are sent within a week of receiving the contribution.

If you made a donation and did not receive a receipt, please continue sending contributions. Simply include a note stating designations and requesting a duplicate of the receipt. Please note that the EFCA does not send bills or pledge reminders.

The receipt/return form was not correct. What should be done?

Mistakes occasionally happen and donor services would like to make sure the donation has been handled properly. Please look over each receipt/return form for accuracy. If there is an error, please indicate it in a letter or on the return form with the next contribution. The item can then be corrected and a new receipt can be issued.

What is the cutoff date for receiving money at year end to use it as a tax deduction on tax returns?

All checks for donations must be dated and postmarked on or before December 31 in order to receive a receipt which can be used in the current tax year. Checks which are dated or postmarked in January will be dated as received in January.

What is deductible?

Learn more about what donations are deductible by reading the IRS Guide to Charitable Contributions.

Will I receive a summary statement of year-to-date contributions?

Each receipt shows a year-to-date total of giving for the year. Please retain this for your permanent records. Please contact us if you need a replacement receipt.

Please note: All contributions sent to the EFCA become the direct property of the EFCA and distribution is at the discretion of the national office.

What does "This contribution is made with the understanding that the EFCA has complete control over the use of donated funds" mean?

Complete control of a gift is necessary to give the EFCA Board of Directors discretion to use funds as the Lord leads for the EFCA mission of multiplying transformational churches among all people. It also is necessary for the gift to be tax-deductible to the donor per the IRS code, and for the EFCA to record the donation as revenue to the EFCA per generally accepted accounting principles.

ReachGlobal-related giving questions

How can I start supporting a missionary or other ministry projects?

You don’t need any special information from the EFCA. Give online or send in a check payable to the EFCA with a note specifying for whom and how it is to be applied.

When should I start sending contributions?

As soon as you’d like. Support being sent can be applied to a missionary’s startup expenses, travel, salary, payroll taxes, rent, medical aid plan, language study or ministry expenses. In addition, funds can be sent for vehicles and other ministry projects.

Can a personal gift be sent through the EFCA to a missionary?

Personal gifts of money for Christmas, birthdays, etc. are personal, non-tax deductible gifts. It is preferable that these be sent directly to the missionary, (in countries able to receive checks), but when this is not possible they can be sent to the EFCA. The designation must be noted clearly on the return form or in a note with the gift. These will be forwarded directly to the missionary above/beyond salary.

How do I find out the ministry project needs of a missionary that he/she supports?

Often missionary prayer letters give up-to-date information regarding support requirements and ministry projects for the field. Additional information can be received by contacting ReachGlobal at (800) 995-5358.