GATEWAY Bible Institute

Currently offered only in Spanish, GATEWAY Bible Institute provides biblical, theological and ministerial training in the local church that is solid, practical and accessible to train leaders, planters and pastors of local churches for effective ministry in their specific cultural and community context.

GATEWAY Bible Institute

GATEWAY Bible Institute has established a strategic association with La Universidad Cristiana Logos (Logos Cristian University). The program offers a plan of study that consists of 24 courses totaling 36 credit hours, in order to obtain a Certificate in Ministry whose credits can be transferred to continue to the university level of Associate or Bachelor degree for those who qualify.

The program of GATEWAY/Logos provides biblical formation and ministerial training to the emerging leadership of the local church within the disciplemaking process for believers at any stage of spiritual growth.

GATEWAY Bible Institute has the administrative support of the Evangelical Free Church of America and cooperation with technical, academic and official registration of the administrative staff of Logos Christian University.

The courses offered by GATEWAY Bible Institute/Logos Christian University are accredited by the American Federation of Christian Colleges and Universities (A.M.F.E.D.).

GATEWAY Leadership Institute

GATEWAY Bible Institute offers GATEWAY Leadership Institute, a plan of ministry formation that facilitates the training of men and women in order for them to reach their maximum potential as leaders within the purpose that God has for their lives, for the local church and the ministries of the EFCA.

GATEWAY Leadership Institute is a program consisting of 12 training modules that will take a potential leader through a process of personal and ministerial growth. The course takes between 1-2 years to complete.

The courses of the Leadership Institute are given monthly or bi-monthly, in weekly sessions held at a local church or through another authorized GATEWAY site. The courses are guided by academic instructors that are trained and accredited by GATEWAY Bible Institute and the Universidad Cristiana Logos. The instructors stimulate interaction with the students and promote a learning community; instructors are supervised by an academic director at each site.

Students learn at a constant rhythm and share what they learn while instructors receive training and model training.

The curriculum of the Leadership Institute contains elements of training which make it a unique tool to multiply leaders that can respond in a biblical and effective manner to the ministry challenges of the local church and the districts of the EFCA.

The program focuses on:

  1. A solid and mature leadership profile
  2. The integral development of the leader (interior/exterior)
  3. Multiplying leaders
  4. A transferrable format
  5. Providing tools for trainers
  6. Courses with connected themes
  7. A standardized format of materials and classes
  8. Adaptable training for different training environments
  9. A biblical missional focus
  10. Promoting leadership unity

The curriculum of the Leadership Institute consists of 12 modules

Six modules relating to the interior growth of a leader:

  1. The foundation of a leader
  2. The freedom of a leader
  3. The example of a leader
  4. The call of a leader
  5. The potential of a leader
  6. The balanced life of a leader

Six modules relating to the exterior growth of a leader:

  1. Scope of leadership
  2. Leadership through communication
  3. Leadership through mentoring
  4. Project leadership
  5. Team leadership
  6. Effective leadership

A student that complete the Leadership Institute can apply their credits to complete a Certificate of Ministry of 24 credits accredited by GATEWAY Bible Institute in association with Universidad Cristiana Logos. The Certificate of Ministry credits can be transferred to continue to university level Associate or Bachelor degree at Universidad Cristiana Logos for those who qualify and complete the academic requirements.

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