Gifts that Transform Lives

Consider giving a gift that will transform the life of a child in poverty.

Sponsorship provides life transformation. It gets kids from zero to 60; with an education, nutrition, medical care and regular spiritual input.

It’s often the following projects that start the cycle of transformation as youth are empowered to become self-sustaining, contributing members of their community. But it’s also a great opportunity to disciple your family into valuing the most precious gift of all time: the transforming power in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Consider giving a gift that will transform the life of a child in poverty.

Sponsor a waiting child

Transform a child’s life for $35/month and give them the gift of an education, proper nutrition, medical care and a discipling relationship with their local church.

Sponsor a child >>

Plant seeds of hope

It’s amazing what a resourceful kid can do with some seeds and livestock. From growing their own food to selling eggs in the marketplace, GlobalFingerprints’ Hope Farm project turns a little into a lot for these children.

Give to Hope Farm >>

Share the power of play

Play is an essential part of growing up for children as they learn to explore and live in the world around them. For children in countries where poverty is the norm, the freedom to play is not always a reality. With GlobalFingerprints' Hope Play project, you can provide a chance to play and be a child.

Give to Hope Play >>

Give the gift of water

No one needs to be told how essential access to clean water is for the holistic well-being of any society. In India, it’s not always available. Contribute to a fund used to dig wells in areas where GlobalFingerprints India kids live.

Give to Every Drop Counts >>

Assist some very special children

It costs a little more to sponsor children with special needs. Help bridge the gap with a special sponsorship.

Support a child with special needs >>

Provide shoes for a child’s walk to school

Shoes tend to wear out quickly in the areas our sponsored children live. It’s an almost impossible trek to school without any foot protection. You can provide shoes for children for as little as $20/pair.

Give to Shoe Me >>

Equip a child with school tools

Children in our programs place a high value on their “school tools.” Pencils and notebooks become some of their most prized possessions.

Give to School Tools >>

Bibles for Children

Case of 24 Bibles $124: We want all the GlobalFingerprints children to have a Bible, but most cannot afford one.

Give to Global Fingerprints Bible Fund>>

Wheelchairs for Disabled Children

Wheelchair $250: There are no special services for disabled children. Crippled children simply drag themselves around their village. Graduates of our program build these custom wheelchairs as part of their vocational training.

Give to Wheelchair Fund >>

Protective Fence Section

Protective Fence Section $500: Our Promise Home for disabled GlobalFingerprints children is now open in Congo. Unfortunately, children taunt kids with disabilities so we must put up a privacy fence.

Give to Privacy Fence Fund >>

Vocational Training

Vocational Training $1,000 per year: Vocational training makes it possible for young people to support themselves as they bridge out of our sponsorship program. Help them learn a trade in masonry, carpentry, cosmetology, sewing or more.

Give to Vocational Training Fund >>

Food and Nutrition Programs

Because of political unrest, food shortages and soaring prices some of the children in our program are not getting enough nutritious food at home. We are increasing our supplemental food and nutrition programs beyond what can be covered through sponsorship costs.

Give to Food and Nutrition Programs >>

Christmas Outreaches

GlobalFingerprints sites in Hindu and Buddhist countries host Christmas outreaches where they share the gospel with the families of GlobalFingerprints children and their friends.

Give to Christmas Outreaches >>

Give to the unsponsored children’s fund

Sometimes sponsors need to end their sponsorship. This could leave us in a tight spot since we commit to each child in GlobalFingerprints that we’ll stick with them until they graduate. This fund helps ensure continuity in an unsponsored child’s education and full program benefits until they get a new sponsor.

Give to the unsponsored children’s fund >>

Please make check payable to EFCA and write "GF" and the title of the fund on the memo line. Mail to:

EFCA Donor Services

901 78th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55420

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