ReachGlobal Short-term Teams

Short-term Mission Teams build strong international partnerships that impact both your church and those you go to serve.

Your church can send a short-term team to engage in the work God is doing through ReachGlobal in some of the most remarkable locations in the world.

It can seem like a lot to figure out where, how, and why to serve. ReachGlobal's expertise in sharing the love of Christ to those in need can help you determine effective outlets for your church to serve.

Why do you want to send a short-term team?

Having a clear purpose for every short-term missions team is absolutely necessary. This will vary with each opportunity, so be sure to define the role that your short-term team will have in the long-term ministry strategy of those you are going to serve.

When should you send a short-term team?

Give yourself plenty of time to recruit, prepare, and send your team. The timing will depend upon the needs and requests of your hosts as well as the opportunity requirements.

Where should you send a short-term team?

Because the goal in short-term missions is always long-term impact, your short-term team should go where you have a focused ministry partnership or are working to develop one. Start by checking with the missionaries you currently support to see if they need a short-term team. Doing it with them will deepen your partnering relationship.

Do not force the missionary you support to create a short-term opportunity just because you want to send a team. Give them the freedom to say “no” or “not this year.”

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