ReachStudents Coaching

Training develops understanding and coaching is essential for implementation. Learning cohorts are focused on being disciples who make disciples and disciplemakers.

Disciplemaking Learning Communities (DLC)

Disciplemaking Learning Communities are regional cohort learning environments consisting of youth workers – vocational and volunteer – who are eager to live and multiply Jesus’ disciplemaking way of life. Leaders are committed to meeting together regularly (usually monthly over a period of nine months), studying the life of Christ, assisting one another in integrating disciplemaking priorities into family, friendships and local student ministry.

Disciplemaking — Studying Jesus’ disciplemaking way of life from the four gospels with the goal of making it our way of life.

Learning — Admitting that none of us arrives and we all have more to learn. We want to sit at the feet of Rabbi Jesus.

Community — Relating to each other in what Alan Hirsh calls “Communitas” — friendship forged in the context of adversity and mission. It’s genuine friendship with peer learning and peer coaching built in.

What leaders are saying

“It has brought focus to my role as a husband, father and youth pastor, as well as brought intentionality to the time I spend with students.” Pastor Ryan Jingst - Princeton, Wis.

“It has transformed my efforts from mere activity to building disciplemaking environments.” Pastor David Boerema - Hershey, Pa.

“It’s changed my perspective. Disciplemaking is about thinking beyond the youth in front of me to thinking about those they will be impacting.” Carson Greenshaw - Aurora, Colo.

“It provides a basic framework that can be tailored for my context while allowing me to glean from others.” Mary Horn - Neillsville, Wis.

“It has provided accountability to actually living and implementing a disciplemaking strategy.” Mark O'Brien - Minnetonka, Minn.

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