ReachStudents Training

We are called by Jesus to live and multiply a disciplemaking way of life. Our training experiences will help you and your youth ministry embrace this Jesus-like life.

ReachStudents Training Series

The ReachStudents Training Series is a series of Zoom calls put on to encourage and equip youth leaders in the EFCA, as we have had to cancel a number of in-person leader trainings. Join us for one-hour calls with the experts listed below! There will be an opportunity at each call to win some sweet giveaways including your name to be entered for a chance to win a free Registration to Rebound Conference. We hope this is a source of encouragment and training for you in 2021.

Road Map

Road Map

Road Map is a training tool developed by ReachStudents to help youth leaders to build simple and intentional structures which support and realize your ministry's disciple-multiplying vision. These training modules are designed to complement the Disciplemaking Is Relationships values that you are integrating into your ministry by helping us align the programming and structures of our ministry with our DiR convictions.


Cadre Missionaries

Not only did Jesus live a disciplemaking way of life, he also called us to do the same. If you want your students to both live with Jesus and for Jesus in every area of their life, then, as a youth leader, you must set the pace. We have established a strategic relationship with Cadre Missionaries to help us both live and multiply a Jesus-like disciplemaking life. Our friends at Cadre provide training to help youth workers — both vocational and volunteer — become successful in creating disciplemaking friendships and ministries.

The following training experiences are specifically designed to help you embrace disciplemaking values and develop the skills in living them out.


Disciplemaking Is Relationships (DiR)

The Disciplemaking Is Relationships training is an invitation for you to explore being a disciple...who makes disciples...who makes more disciples. It's a fresh, simple and profound look at what it means to follow Jesus in the context of community. This training does not impose a specific model onto your ministry, but instead helps you and your team wrestle the question: What does 1st century Jesus-like disciplemaking look like in your 21st century Western context?


Evangelism Is Relationships (EiR)

In the Evangelism Is Relationships training experience, you will learn to live a biblical process for impacting your world like Jesus. This training will help you and your team gain God’s heart for those in your relational sphere of influence, authentically invest in them, identify where God’s grace and truth intersect their lives, how to clearly share God's story and your own God story, and how to invite others into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Friends That Matter

Friends That Matter

Friends That Matter is a training tool specifically designed for you to experience with your students. Introduce your ministry to the values and life Jesus invites you to enjoy. These experiences will help your students discover what it looks like to live as disciplemaking friends.



We believe disciplemaking can happen in middle school. Equip is designed to help your middle school students embrace a disciplemaking way of life — living as friends who follow Jesus together.

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