Divorce Policy Exception Material

A presentation of the proposed replacement of the EFCA Policy on Divorce and Remarriage related to Ministerial Credentials by the Board of Ministerial Standing

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While faithfully administering this policy since its adoption, members of the Board of Ministerial Standing (BOMS) periodically raised questions about process, but also about the foundations of the policy itself. At the April 2012 BOMS meeting, a task force was appointed (known as the Divorce Policy Exception Revision Committee) to review current policy and bring recommendations. Through numerous drafts, BOMS endorsed the proposal, which was presented to the EFCA Board of Directors in the spring of 2014. The Board of Directors placed it on the business session agenda for action at the EFCA One conference held June 16-18, 2015.

The motion to repeal the ‘Policy on Divorce and Remarriage as it affects Licensing and Ordination in the EFCA’ adopted by the 1982 Conference was affirmed/passed at the June conference.

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