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Resources related to the Amended Article 9 of the EFCA Statement of Faith

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Questions asked over the course of the past two years, since the Motion to Amend Article 9 was presented.


Responses Related to Seven Key Issues

The Bible, Dogmatic Rank, and a Statement of Faith: Introduction (part 1)

The Bible, Dogmatic Rank, and a Statement of Faith: How do we determine what is a major doctrine? (part 2)

A Glorious Return: Biblical Occurrences and A Theological Exposition

Hermeneutics and Our Statement of Faith

Previous writings

2007 EFCA Theology Conference summary - “Inerrancy, Hermeneutics, and Eschatology” from the Ministerial Forum 17/1 (Fall 2007)

EFCA Today Winter 2006, “The Boundaries of Who We Are.”

Drawing Doctrinal Lines: Where? and How? - How do we distinguish between the Essentials and the Non-essentials of the Faith?


Theology Podcast - Episode 169: EFCA Statement of Faith Q&A – Motion to Amend Article 9 of our EFCA Statement of Faith (Theology Conference, February 2019)

2007 EFCA Theology Conference recordings - “Inerrancy, Hermeneutics, and Eschatology”

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