Serve 7-23 months

Serve up to 23 months and explore missions as you work alongside ReachGlobal long-term staff.

Your short-term service might assist in education, church planting, construction, disaster relief, teaching English, or more. Do you have a passion for using your skills? Wonder if ReachGlobal can use you? Just ask!

Instructions for Beginning the Explore 7-23 Application Process

1. Complete the Preliminary Information Form.

2. At the top of the form, you will have the option to create a Form Login Account specific to the Preliminary Information Form. This will allow you to save and return to your work at a later time. Any information that you provide on this form will be transmitted securely to the appropriate ReachGlobal staff members.

3. After you complete and submit your Preliminary Information Form (PIF), you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at the e-mail listed in the PIF Instructions.

4. ReachGlobal Engage will get in touch with you soon about the next steps in the application process.

Steps to the field

1. You (and possibly your pastor) will be contacted for initial calls

2. Complete the written application process which is sent out after the initial screening call with you

3. Phone interview with EFCA ReachGlobal staff

4. Decisions about acceptance and placement

5. Training and coaching in Ministry Partnership Development (MPD) – raising the necessary funds to participate in this experience

6. Pre-field Training (online and live)

7. Deployment to ministry role and location