Understanding the Complementarian Position

2012 EFCA Theology Conference resources

The recorded sessions include the following;

Adam & Eve: The Bible, Historicity and Humanity (Session 1 - Greg Strand)
Adam & Eve: The Bible, Historicity and Humanity (Session 2 - Hans Madueme)
The Cultural and Ecclesiastical Landscape (Session 3 - Bob Yarbrough) Please note: just before 1:20 on the recording there is music for a very brief time in Dr. Yarbrough's speaking, continue past it for the rest of content.
Hermeneutics: A Biblical Framework (Session 4 - Bob Yarbrough)
Culture and Hermeneutics (Session 5 - Panel 1)
Creation and Re-Creation - Male and Female in the Image of God, The Fall of Redemption (Session 6 - D.A. Carson)
Family - Husbands and Wives, Love and Submission, Christ and the Church (Session 7 - D.A. Carson)
Equal in Essence and Dignity, Distinction in Roles: The Home (Session 8 - Panel 2)
Church - Teaching/Authority in the Context of 1 Timothy 2 (Session 9 - D.A. Carson)
Leadership in the Local Church and a Theology of Pastoral Care (Session 10 - Bob Yarbrough)
Full Use of Gifts Within God’s Ordained Structure: The Church (Session 11 - Panel 3)