Writing Guidelines

Guidelines for submitting articles/ideas for consideration in EFCA Today and EFCA Now.

Publication purpose: to unify church leaders around the overall mission of the EFCA by bringing its stories and vision to life, and to sharpen those leaders by generating conversations over topics pertinent to faith and life in this 21st century. Its readers are EFCA leaders: pastors, elders, Sunday-school teachers, ministry volunteers.

Publication history: EFCA Today magazine first launched in 1931 as The Evangelical Beacon. Since then, its name and format have been re-envisioned as needed, to better serve the Evangelical Free Church of America movement. In 2010, it moved to an entirely digital expression at Then in 2014, the magazine adapted still further to accommodate reading trends: The art-directed features continued publishing at (containing the same exploration of timeless, thought-provoking themes) and the departmental articles moved to the EFCA Now blog (with standalone articles that highlight forward thinking and ministry-in-action).


Each EFCA Today is devoted to a topic designed to stimulate thoughtful dialogue and leadership growth, and to highlight how EFCA leaders are already involved in living out that theme. Examples of themes are: new paradigms for “doing church,” church planting and rural/small-town churches. These articles focus on an issue rather than on an individual, although individuals indeed illustrate each theme.

To submit articles or ideas for themes, see contact information below.


The blog emphasizes (1) ministry-in-action tied to EFCA churches, leaders and members; (2) thoughtful explorations of topics important to church life; (3) significant resources for church leadership; and (4) theological exploration of pertinent topics. Please review past posts to become familiar with the blog’s editorial needs and style.

Freelance article submissions: Articles to be considered for EFCA Now should run between 500 and 2,000 words. Indicate if photos are available, and include contacts for verification of article (address/phone/e-mail of subject and subject’s pastor).

Book reviews: We run 2-3 reviews on the same book in order to highlight differing perspectives. Each reviewer writes "on spec," and we'll pay you if we choose to publish your review. Digital manuscripts are provided from the publisher. To learn more, contact the book-review coordinator.


Email submissions or questions to Please also include samples of your feature writing.


Payment is 23 cents a word for first rights, including limited subsidiary rights (free use within an EFCA context). Reprint payments vary. Payment is made upon acceptance — final edit of the article.