Haiti Vision Trip

See first-hand the opportunities and challenges of the church in Haiti, and dialogue openly about possibilities for partnership with the Haitian church.

Jan 12, 2017Jan 16, 2017

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“You cannot live in this decade and not join God in what He is doing in Haiti. You just can’t!” Jean Dorlus

Dr. Jean Dorlus is the catalytic leader of the Haiti Movement Leaders’ Summit and chairman of the Haiti Consortium composed of pastors and church leaders from Haiti and the US.

For the majority of the past 100 years missions work in Haiti has been done from the point of view of the sending church. Isn’t it time to come and listen to the receiving church? On this trip you will be able to come and ask some of the following leaders about missions in Haiti, about the church in Haiti, about possibilities in Haiti:

  • Dr. Jean Dorlus
  • Dr. Wadestrandt Baptiste (President – STEP Seminary)
  • Silvain Exantus (President – Federation of Protestant Churches in Haiti)

Trip Purpose

To come away with a first-hand understanding of the opportunities and challenges in Haiti, and to dialogue openly about possibilities for partnership with the Haitian church


  • Go on-site and visit with Haitian pastors and leaders to see/hear how ministry happens
  • Participate in a Sunday church service
  • Visit the GlobalFingerprints Child Sponsorship program in Port au Prince
  • Gain a “on-the-street-view” of the realities of living in Haiti
  • Prayer walk in the community with church leaders
  • Visit STEP seminary and meet professors and students
  • Dinner with key Haitian leaders to talk about how ministry flows from relationship
  • Spend time with EFCA ReachGlobal in-country missionaries
  • Reflect, debrief and pray before departure


$400 + airfare (includes lodging, meals, and in-country transportation)

If you have interest in being part of the vision trip, we need to hear from you by August 1, 2016! Please call or e-mail Steve Spellman at (704) 877-2132 or Steve.Spellman@efca.org or Dave Elsinger at (952) 217-7866 or David.Elsinger@efca.org.