Culture and Hermeneutics (Panel 1)

Understanding the Complementarian Position: Considering Implications and Exploring Practices in the Home and the Local Church. Panel participants: Bill Kynes, Tom Nelson, Debby Rowe, Alvin Sanders, Andrea Tyson.

  • What are some specific ways the culture influences and affects the church and its teaching, specifically understanding the roles of men and women?
  • What are some of the cultural pressure points for men and women regarding the family, the church and leadership within the church?
  • What kind of affect has culture had on our reading and understanding of the Bible, specifically in the realm of gender and the roles of men and women?
  • As we engage in this important discussion regarding the roles of men and women, generally, and the complementarian position, specifically, is this to be considered a gospel issue? What are some vital biblical truths and important relational principles you live by and seek to model to others?