Crisis Response Mobilize Initiative

Join a network of churches poised to respond when crises happen locally and around the world.

Mobilizing Missions

The Mobilize Initiative is a network of churches across the country that is trained and ready to respond when crises occur. One such church is Lakewood Evangelical Free Church in Baxter, Minnesota. What they didn't realize is that as they had been developing a team of responders that a disaster would be right in their own backyard. Lakewood EFC has responded alongside ReachGlobal since 2012 in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, the flooding in Colorado and with Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey. In January 2015, Lakewood trained a group of about 20 additional people that would be part of a network of churches across the country that could respond in the days, weeks, or months immediately following a crisis (earthquake, tornado, hurricane, fire). Their months of meeting, growing as a team, fundraising, and developing a protocol for responding served them well; when a storm ripped through their hometown.

Putting together a tool trailer, developing leadership, a good communication system between team members, and an ability to coordinate a list of individuals who needed help all prepared Lakewood to quickly mobilize to serve in their neighborhood. Within hours of realizing the extent of the damage, Lakewood mobilized, to meet a physical need for those in the community while meeting a spiritual and emotional need as well. The Mobilize team has a motto of "Passion for God, compassion for people." That epitomizes what the church is all about. ReachGlobal Crisis Response shows the love of Christ to those in need and shares His redemptive message as the door is opened to do so.

Mobilize team members are ready to respond with ReachGlobal when crises hits across the United States of America. They also may deploy as a staffing resource during peak ministry times at current crisis response locations. There are many ways to serve such as job-site supervisors, cooks, hospitality, discipleship ministry team members, praying with others, accounting assistance or to meet other needs within ministry.

Next Steps for Mobilize Ministry

  • ​Pray for God's direction
  • Church leadership approval
  • Identify a champion. Who will lead your Mobilize Team?
  • Recruit a team with shared vision
  • Complete a Mobilize Basic Training with ReachGlobal at your church
  • Ongoing training and encouragement from your ReachGlobal Crisis Response coach for team building and deployment
  • Advance training is also available to help your church prepare and respond to local crisis
For additional information on how your church can be involved in this vital ministry send us an email.