Ebola Crisis Response

Assist the Evangelical Free Church of West Africa respond to the Ebola crisis

In March, the deadly disease Ebola emerged from the jungle in West Africa. In the months since it has migrated to the crowded capital cities of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. There is no vaccine nor cure for the hemorrhagic virus and because it is spread by bodily contact, prevention can be difficult in congested communities and cultures where shaking hands among everyone is customary and expected.

The rapidly growing Evangelical Free Church of West Africa has been planting churches in all three of these nations and is in the process of training an Ebola crisis response team. Their plan includes:

  • Manufacturing bleach (they will import the needed chlorine and soda ash from Ivory Coast)
  • Distributing it along with soap, and awareness materials through local churches, schools, & public gathering places.
  • Recruiting and training teams of volunteers to travel into rural areas.

Vast areas of West Africa lack decent roads and electricity so the teams expect to carry materials on foot and motorcycle and use megaphones to communicate.

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