Ecuador Earthquake Response

Sharing the love of Christ to those in need following crisis in Ecuador

On April 16, 2016 a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the west coast of Ecuador leaving behind a path of destroyed homes, business and lives. Today more than 29,000 people are left homeless and unsure of what lies next. No one has been more affected than the children and their families. With over 250 schools either destroyed, damaged or being used as shelters, these children’s lives have been disrupted in profound ways.

ReachGlobal Crisis Response is partnering with Kids Around the World to bring hope to the those affected by this tragic event by equipping dozens of churches in trauma mitigation through art and oral bible story telling focused on kids and families. This equipping offers a way for survivors to process what they have experienced through looking at the facts surrounding the earthquake, what they thought and are thinking about because of it and how it made them feel. It opens up a whole new door for the churches to minister to the needs of their communities, and address needs that are largely being overlooked.

This is done by first walking the leaders through their own trauma. They too were affected by this and need processing time and someone to listen to them. This core group of leaders will then go out and use what they have just learned in their own experience to touch others in the same way bringing family focused disciple-making outreaches to their communities. Each outreach will touch 20-30 families which includes 40-60 children. They will then equip leaders of other churches to do the same. With God’s direction they hope to form 40-50 outreaches in the first four months and with your investment in this life transforming ministry it will come to fruition.


Your Gift of $100 provides ministry materials that will touch 40-60 kids for one outreach.

Your gift of $250 provides ministry materials and coaching for one intentional disicple-making movement to touch 20-30 families.

Your gift of $1,000 provides ministry materials, coaching and deploys two workers for two intentional disciple-making movements to touch 8-120 kids.

Your gift of $2,500 deploys two outreach ministry workers for the next six months to multiply the trauma mitigation and kids and family outreach to more than 50 churches. Our goal is to see more than 300 outreach efforts across the quake impacted areas of Ecuador. Additionally, your church will recieve updates from the Equadorian churches as to how your sponsorship aided in the recovery of their communities.

Your gift of $5,000 will establish a ministry center, supply ministry resources and deploy two ministry workers to serve over 1000 people living in tents in an old airport runway. Our partner, Kids Around The World, has been invited by the government of Ecuador to establish this ministry center to serve these families for the next 1-2 years.


  • Supernatural grace on the church to rise up and lead in this crisis.

  • Favor with the government for KINGDOM initiatives.

  • Direction, focus and peace for the confused, anxious and discouraged people.

  • Divine Understanding of how to generate income.

  • Peace over the province, we had many car wrecks and so many are on edge since the earthquake.

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To Pay by check: Check payable to EFCA and Ecuador EQ in memo line.

The check can be mailed to:

EFCA Donor Services, 901 E 78th St, Minneapolis, MN 55420

Please do not send gifts in kind such as clothing, pallet loads of supplies or other bulk donations.


Short term mission trip opportunities are available to aid in the ministry of Kids Around The World and ReachGlobal Crisis Response in Ecuador. Email ReachGlobal Crisis Response for details.