Kiev Logos Center

Assist a wholistic ministry in Kiev, Ukraine improve their facility to meet the needs of a community in crisis

Begun with the intent β€œto make Christ visible in the community,” the Logos Center serves at-risk populations of Kiev as they work to meet medical and educational needs.

Some of the important services offered include:

  • Preparing faith community nurses and volunteers to meet with those who are ill in the community
  • Teaching English to children and adults
  • Feeding the homeless and poor
  • Helping those with addictions start a new life
  • Running a health clinic with prophylactic health education

The overwhelming flood of refugees from the east Ukranian crisis, has produced an urgent need for renovations to the building.

Donations will be used for the following:

  • Build a fence around the property to keep the kids safe while they play
  • Replace the overstressed sewage system
  • Renovate space for improved medical clinic operation

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