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2019 EFCA Theology Conference

2019: The Doctrine of Creation: Theological Significance and Implications

Some consider that the doctrine of Creation focuses only on the origin of the universe. This year’s Theology Conference unpacked why this is not so, exploring the theological significance and various implications of Creation.

2018: The Gospel, Compassion and Justice, and the EFCA

The 2018 EFCA Theology Conference theme explored the collaboration and connections between The Gospel, Compassion and Justice, and the EFCA.

2017: Reformation 500

2017 is the 500th anniversary of Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses, what traditionally is known as the beginning of the Reformation. We join the celebration in giving thanks to God for this rediscovery of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2016: Doctrine of the Church

The heart of the doctrine of the church is the gospel. It is the gospel that creates the church. It is the church that proclaims and propagates the gospel. It is the church that embodies the gospel.