Wildfire Response in Paradise, California


California state officials have reported that Paradise, California, has been completely devastated by the recent wildfire.

EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response and the EFCA Western District are coordinating to mobilize response efforts.

Download bulletin insert.


“I can’t express what I’m seeing," shared Pastor Art, senior pastor of Paradise (CA) EFC. "The magnitude and scope are beyond belief.”

Yet by some miracle, the flames bypassed the church building.

Join the response efforts


  • For church leaders to have wisdom in how to lead the church and their communities in response to this tragedy.
  • For the churches and families who have lost their homes to the fire and for many displaced and awaiting word on their houses.
  • For compassionate outreach by local churches to those finding shelter in their facilities.
  • For wisdom in assessing the damage and for the Western District and ReachGlobal Crisis Response in determining next steps.


After Hurricane Harvey – by God’s grace – you contributed more than $1.6 million for relief efforts. The devastation of the Paradise wildfire has been even more catastrophic. We need your financial support to bring restoration to Paradise.


To help us spread awareness of this need, we ask that you’d share this message with your church body and dedicate a special offering to help those affected by this wildfire. To help you do so, we’ve provided: the above video (available for download on Vimeo), a bulletin insert and several prayer requests.

Or send a check with Paradise CA Fire Response 21709-39286 in the memo line to:

901 E. 78th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55420

Items not to donate: Clothing, bedding, stuffed animals, or any other gift in kind.